Business Support and Consultancy Services
for Private, Public and Third sector organisations.

Helping You Maximise Success


SURVIVAL: We can work with you to find the best solutions to financial and operational challenges.  That might mean coming up with strategies to reduce costs and risk. Restructuring debt and operations. Establishing / developing online services. Help with applying for government support, grants, HR -related issues, cash-flow forecasting, creating new delivery models, communications, advice on approaching lenders and  around the delivery of contracts.

STARTUP: If you are considering establishing an enterprise, our help can include carrying out a business feasibility study,  market research, choosing the right legal structure,  developing your business plan and financial projections and securing funding.


GROWTH: Wish you had more time to focus on developing your services? We can save you time and money.  Whether it's business development planning, creating a new service or rationalising an existing one,  sales generation, marketing or any other task that needs completing,  we can probably help. 


Have cash flow problems? Need emergency funding or to restructure debts?  Seek start-up or development funding,  grants or social investment? Are you unable to offer the security banks, require? Need help in negotiations with lenders?

In these extraordinary times, there are many issues to be considered  and many different funding options.  However, it’s a minefield -  from angel investors, online lending platforms and crowdfunding to community share issue, social impact bond issuance and venture capital. 


Which is right for your enterprise, who should you approach? How quickly do you need funds? What should be included in your funding application and what hurdles will need to be jumped? 

The founder was a former corporate banker responsible for a £2 billion loan portfolio, He knows what lenders require and how to negotiate the best terms so can probably help obtain what you need. 



The Founder  has 45 years experience in establishing and growing enterprises, building one into market leader in Europe. He's  been a sole trader.  Established four start-ups. And, managed large businesses in the UK, Europe and USA. He's had success and failure  and knows what it takes to run for-profits and not-for-profits in good and bad times - and what can go wrong.


From deciding the legal structure, writing business strategies, policies and plans, approaching financiers, negotiating terms, sales and marketing to restructuring  businesses, finance and operational processes. We can help you deal with whatever challenges and opportunities come your way. 


In the current climate, are you losing clients and /or struggling to gain new ones? Do you have a new project, product or service that you’d love to bring to life but not sure how to go about it and wary of the risks involved? 

We can can carry out market and competitor research, advise the best ways to reach your target audience, help create USPs and marketing material, run e- marketing and advertising campaigns, make sales calls and follow-up leads to help build your customer base. You name it, we should be able to help.


To find out how, please get in touch.

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Experiencing a collapse in demand? Have cashflow problems?  We can help you secure emergency funding and create a business recovery strategy and delivery plan to get you "back on track".


Whether you're looking for emergency funding or need funding to expand,  we can provide expert advice, help with business plans, funding applications and securing
social investment.


Too reliant on grants, donations and fundraising from events?
We can help you establish or develop a trading arm, provide advice on business plans, strategy, operations, finance, HR, IT, sales and marketing and help you secure funding.


We can help you establish new business models and income streams. For example, in affordable housing, sport / leisure, health & social care. And, help  improve  community engagement and deliver better public services. 

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