Advice and Expertise

Using our experience of establishing, managing and growing businesses, we can provide you with professional, impartial and objective advice.Our help can include:

  • A review of your organisation's strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities

  • Acting as a sounding board on your ideas, plans and the challenges you’re facing. 

  • Assessing the operational, finance, HR, leadership, sales and marketing you need to deliver growth.

  • Ascertaining ways to improve organisational effectiveness

  • Creating a growth strategy that defines your vision, your goals, how to reach them and where to focus resources

  • Reviewing profit and cashflow forecasts, underlying assumptions and operational budgets.

  • Reviewing milestones and Key Performance Indicators which underpin growth.

  • Helping you secure buy –in of staff, customers and stakeholders to your growth plans.

  • Helping with mergers, acquisitions and partnerships.



Applying for funding is a complex and time-consuming endeavour. Starting a new enterprise isn’t easy, but growing it is even harder.


Most high street lenders require security, charge high fees and impose onerous conditions and unless you have a realistic business plan your chances of success in securing funding are very limited. Small enterprises frequently waste time on unsuccessful loan and grant applications.

Let us help you find the right funding partners, help with Bid writing, drafting prospectuses and submitting applications for:

  • Secured and unsecured loans

  • Grants, Donations, Legacies

  • Crowdfunding

  • Community Share Issue

  • Social Impact Bonds

  • Venture Capital