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The Customer Reviews Manager enables you to request reviews to boost your online star rating and secure more business: 

  • Respond to good - and bad - reviews.

  • Invite customers to share their experiences online so prospect customers know your business can be trusted.

  • Ensure customers get what they want and expect. Invite them to provide valuable feedback that you can use to improve service.

  • Build a presence across review sites where your customers  and prospects spend the most time.

  • Gather authentic reviews to help your business show up in searches so prospect customers can find you.


Get more reviews, build trust and attract new customers: 
People now spend more time researching potential suppliers online via online reviews. As a result, online reviews are very important when consumers are making purchasing decisions. Circa 70% of people who have had a good experience with a business are likely to recommend it to friends and family. 

However, one bad review can tell potential customers a completely different story on how good - or bad - your business, is. One extra star in your online rating can lead to increased business and the easiest way to get that extra star is to provide great service. Managing and responding to your online reviews – good and bad -  by using our Platform,  can help you do just that.