Why register  with Enterprise Hertfordshire?

By registering,  you will be able to access a free set of tools that enable you to:

  • Arrange a website and/or online store, if you don’t already have them.

  • Manage and update  business listings in social media channels and online directories.

  • Engage your prospects and customers through social media posts

  • Obtain more customer reviews and protect your online reputation

  • Manage advertising campaigns and ascertain which provide the best Return on Investment

  • Purchase products and services to help grow your business via our B2B Marketplace. plus the latest offers and discounts.


Register Now  if you would like to access the Toolkit. There are no hidden costs and no obligation to purchase any upgrade in the Marketplace. You can use the free toolkit for as long as you wish. 

What is the registration process?

Registration is simple and fast. All you need is a valid e-mail address and your business name. If your business name doesn’t automatically appear, you can manually create an account. Once registered, you can use your email address to access the Business Centre and create a password. You can create a free account for every type or size of organisation and appoint users.

You will need to verify your account “By Email Verification”. The verification code will be sent to your registered email address automatically. If you don’t receive the code within 15 minutes, please request a verification code again. Once you’ve received the code, enter it, submit and follow the instructions. If we are unable to verify the information in your registration, you will receive an email from us. Please check the details in the email and respond.

Important: If you forget your password, you can click on "Forgot your password?" on the Login Page. Please then follow the instructions.


Do I need to register to access the Digital Marketplace?
No, if you just wish to browse the products and services available. However, if you wish to purchase a product or service that can be placed in the Shopping Cart from Enterprise Hertfordshire or one or more of it’s partners, you will need to register and create a free account. (You can add products to your cart at any time, but you will be prompted to create an account or sign in to an existing account before being allowed to submit an order for the contents of your cart).


Once I've opened an account, what happens next?

After opening an account, you can log in to your Business Centre, access the free digital marketing toolkit and buy products and services via the Marketplace as well as many other things. You will also receive a Welcome e-mail from us, with helpful hints.

Important: After registering, we recommend that you go to your Business Profile page and complete your organisation’s information.


What will you do with my registration information?

Enterprise Hertfordshire will keep your information safe and secure. We will never sell your personal information to other parties. For more information, please read our  Privacy Policy.   Please also see our Terms of Use.


What is the Business Centre App?

The Business Centre App provides easy access to everything you need. Once logged in, you will be taken to your own, private Dashboard. Via this, you can access the free digital marketing tools such as Reputation Manager,  an Executive Report on how your business is performing online, the Marketplace (Store) where you can purchase products and services from best-of breed suppliers:














image of business app.png

The side navigation menu allows you, for example, to:

  • Configure your Business Profile information

  • Add and edit new user information

  • Add, edit, and remove customer information

  • Manage email notifications

  • Receive updates about key businesses metrics

  • View proof-of-performance reports


How can I pay to purchase products and services?
Only products and services that have a price can be placed in the Shopping Cart. Others can only be purchased direct from the supplier and we provide a link to their respective websites for this purpose. Once registered,  customers can enter their credit card information to purchase what they have placed in their Shopping Cart and receive a receipt for their payment via email. If the cart contains one or more products that can’t be purchased directly through the Shopping Cart, they can submit an order to the supplier.

Does Enterprise Hertfordshire receive a commission on products and services they promote in the Marketplace?

We do not receive commission from any supplier. Our goal is to promote the best products and services for small businesses based on personal use, knowledge and research. If we provide a direct link to a supplier's website and that supplier has an affiliate programme, we may apply an affiliate link in the future but this would not impact the cost of purchase as this is determined directly by the supplier. If we intend to introduce affiliate links in the future, details will be advised on the website.


Do you use Cookies?

We use "Cookies" to make the website function properly and to enable you to make use of the services we provide. Without these cookies, services such as opening an account cannot be provided. We also use cookies to remember you as having logged in, enabling you to use the shopping cart as well as other functions such as sending/receiving requests for information. ​As we change the features on our website, we'll update our Privacy Policy re any new cookies applied. 

How can I manage Cookies?

We appreciate that some users may like individual control over their visit to our website and may want to adjust their settings accordingly. However, if you choose not to accept cookies from our website or disable them, you may not be able to use or access some of the site's services or features and we cannot guarantee that your experience will be as fulfilling as it would otherwise be.