Digital Marketing: we provide digital marketing agency services for startups, SMEs & Charities.  This includes a simple-to-use, set of free tools that enable you to create a website/online store, business listings and social media posts. Arrange meetings with customers/prospects, send out invoices and receive payments, manage your online reputation, customer reviews, SEO & digital advertising. 

Weekly Business Performance Reports: on how your business is performing online and how it compares to competitors 

Digital Marketplace: Browse and buy sales & marketing related products and services to help you startup or grow your enterprise. For example,  domain names, CRM and email marketing software, graphic and website design services and link through to some of the best suppliers around of products and services needed to run a business.  Specially selected by us

Business Advice: By entrepreneur with 45 years experience, building one startup into market leader in Europe based on reputation, value for money and quality of service. 

Learning Tools: Videos and guides from well known experts on how to grow your business and succeed online

Business Support Organisations: Links to some of the best local and national support providers. 



Browse and buy essential products and services from leading suppliers such as Big Daddy, Constant Contact, Google, WordPress and WIX. 


Start Your Business

Search for a business name. Register a company online or arrange to operate as a sole trader. Open a bank account. Buy a domain name and professional email addresses.  Get a website / online store built and arrange hosting. Set up social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin. Obtain start-up funding. Buy a mailing list of prospect customers, essential operational software, office and trade supplies and much more...

Manage Your Business

Appoint an Accountant. Buy accounting software, insurance, customer relationship and social media management software. Manage finances, invoices, orders, stock, customer data and  more through cloud-based solutions. Track payments, shipments and leads on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Grow Your Business

Get on and offline marketing material designed and arrange printing. Create marketing campaigns. Arrange business listings, SEO, social media posts and advertising. Get videos created and use video conferencing to build relationships without the cost of travel. Obtain development loans or venture capital.

Start Your Business Journey 

To purchase products on the Marketplace, get access to a FREE Digital Marketing Toolkit and a FREE Performance Report on my Business, please register. The Toolkit includes social media posting, business listings, customer reviews, reputation and advertising campaign management tools. Free, weekly Executive Reports will update you on how your business is performing online compared to competitors and provide updated customer insights.




Need some help and advice? Enterprise Hertfordshire's founder is an entrepreneur with 45 years experience in establishing and growing businesses, building one into a market leader in Europe. He can help you solve challenges and maximise opportunities:  


Survival: This might mean coming up with strategies to reduce costs and risk. Restructuring debt and operations. Applying for grants, revising cash-flow projections, renegotiating terms with suppliers and/or lenders. Creating new delivery models and/or developing online services.

Startup: If you are considering establishing an enterprise, our help can include carrying out a business feasibility study,  market research, choosing the right legal structure,  reviewing your business plan and financial projections and securing funding.

Growth:  Whether it's business development planning, creating a new service or rationalising an existing one,  sales generation, marketing or any other task,  we can probably help. 




Need to restructure debts? Seek start-up or development funding, grants or social investment?  Need guidance on who to approach? Help with funding applications? Unable to offer the security banks, require? Need help in negotiations?

It’s a minefield out there -  from angel investors, banks, online lending platforms and crowdfunding to community share issue, social impact bonds and venture capital. Which is best for you?


Enterprise Hertfordshire's founder was a former corporate banker responsible for a £2 billion loan portfolio. He knows lenders mindsets so can help get what you need. 

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Expert help and advice with business plans, projections sales, marketing, funding applications and a lot more. Free website and digital marketing tools to get you up and running.


FREE business review, sales & marketing advice, B2B marketplace and free digital tools plus help to create a business growth strategy and delivery plan that gets you "back on track", post COVID.


Too reliant on grants, donations and fundraising? We can help you develop a trading arm, provide advice on business plans / projections, strategy, marketing and help you secure social investment. 


Reduced budgets? Reduce the need to cutback services by establishing a trading arm and new  income streams. For example, in affordable housing, community energy, leisure, health & social care.  

"Over the last 45 years, I've established and run a number of different businesses, building one into market leader in Europe.  When I started, I experienced all the headaches that came with starting up. The time it took searching for advice and the best products and services to meet business needs out of 000s  to choose from. Comparing prices, reputation and customer service. Dealing with pushy salespeople. Which suppliers could I trust and rely upon. Time  I could ill afford to waste - and over the years, have met lots of other entrepreneurs who experienced the same frustrations as me: struggling to find  what they needed compounded by the lack of a one-stop-shop. 

Based on my experience, I have therefore selected what I regard as the best suppliers and provide links to them via a Marketplace to help others save time, money and hassle of having to shop around. Most of the products and services listed, I have  personally used over the years. Others more recent, have been selected based on extensive research, the key objective being to select those which provide the best value-for-money.  I hope the Marketplace and our other services are of use to you.  Nigel Farren, Founder, Enterprise Hertfordshire