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Do prospect Customers know you exist?
Advertising via print, television and radio has long been eclipsed by digital advertising. The new giants of advertising include Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and  YouTube. And, without these new methods of advertising, chances are you are throwing away your money on much less effective forms of advertising such as leaflets and newspaper ads.


Ads on different social media sites may seem like a complicated subject to manage, but we make it easy to set up, launch, and review campaigns. Our Advertising Campaigns Manager will enable you to bring all your ad campaigns under one roof so you can pinpoint what’s making you money and use automation to stay on top of reporting which can be time consuming and tiresome.

  • Reporting across these categories and more— reputation,  listings, social media, website traffic, advertising, SEO.

  • Consolidate reporting from ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram etc to see which are performing the best.

  • View Google Analytics – to see your site's top traffic sources.

  • Pinpoint which ads are making you money - see your true Return on Investment (ROI).

Our Advertising Intelligence software allows you to see the success of digital advertising campaigns in real-time and better track your return on investment. Brand awareness through the smart use of digital marketing adverts will generate demand. However, ROI varies across different social media. If you sell mainly to consumers (B2C), you may get a better ROI on Facebook or Instagram.  If you sell mainly to businesses (B2B), Linkedin may be the better option.

Whether you choose to build and manage your own campaigns or you’d rather we take the reins, we’re here to help you along the way.